I am a clinical psychologist, licensed in the state of Wisconsin, and trained as a psychoanalyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. My philosophy of therapy is inspired and informed by the theories and ideas of the Swiss Psychiatrist, C.G. Jung, in whom I have found a seemingly limitless context within which to observe and understand the drama of human life.

Drawing from these wells of training, insight, other psychotherapeutic modalities, and from my own life experience, I practice the science of psychology and the art of therapy in the service of meaning in our lives. My practice is devoted to working with adults in long-term Jungian Analysis as well as shorter-term psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and families along the entire age-span of life. I have an interactive style using both brief and depth psychotherapy which is both challenging and compassionate.

In my tenure as a psychologist, I have worked with individuals from many walks of life who suffer from emotional conflict or distress regarding:

  • Relationships
  • Personal, vocational, sexual or spiritual identity
  • Anxiety, panic, depression
  • A life experience lacking depth, meaning, intimacy, or a sense of community
  • Substance abuse & addictions


Of course, many of these psychological dynamics can overlap simultaneously.

Furthermore, I work with individuals who may not necessarily be in immediate need but who possess a deep respect for, or curiosity about, their dreams. They desire a deeper conversation about the meaning of dreams in relation to the more profound questions of their lives.

Whatever the challenge or interest, it is my intention to create an environment of trust in which to engage the psyche. Here one's inner world of thoughts, feelings, images, fantasies and dreams can be expressed and explored with compassion and without judgment.

I offer a free, brief initial telephone consultation. If you decide to meet in person, during our first meeting we will begin to explore your goals and desired outcomes for therapy or analysis in more depth. Most importantly, the first session provides an opportunity for you to determine if you think we will work well together. Psychoanalysis is a large commitment of time, money and energy, and so you should choose an analyst carefully. I strongly believe you should be comfortable, encouraged and optimistic with the analyst you choose.